Wine cabinet, Luxembourg

A real highlight in interior design is Lichtbeton, which is processed like natural stone as panels and can be used for wall cladding, facades, floors or furniture. Integrated light-transmitting optical fibers lead the light through the material. This results in the translucent properties and the Lichtbeton begins to glow fascinatingly from the inside out. At the same time, colored light can also be applied.


In Luxembourg, a spacious, private wine store was set up in an extraordinary living-dining room with LUCEM light transmitting concrete.


The building, a former farm, has been converted into a dwelling-house with the preservation of a large part of the original building structure, such as visible wooden beams and masonry. The open design approach allowing to see up to the roof with a large gallery and a wine store visible through glass walls from the central room. The entire house is designed and furnished like an African lodge. In addition to hunting trophies, African furniture and artifacts, as well as an open fireplace, the wine area in particular reflects the connection to Africa. The wine cellar, which can be seen through glass walls on two sides, offers space for several thousand bottles of red wine stored in glass shelves. The wall behind the wine rack as well as the adjacent wall were completely cladded with LUCEM Lichtbeton. The design of the wine room has been made from Forum a.i. S.a., architect Christiane Besch, Luxembourg. A total of 30 LUCEM Lichtbeton panels were used in various sizes made with the standard size 120 x 60 cm in a thickness of 2 cm in LUCEM Line White with the surface satin matt brushed. For perfect storage temperature and humidity for the red wine, the room is air conditioned and has automatic humidity control. The ventilation outlets were also incorporated into several Lichtbeton panels. The white wine - due to its different temperature - is stored is in a separate air-conditioned room with lower temperature


The LUCEM light technology behind the Lichtbeton® panels consists of LED sheets with RGBW LED strips, which allow to show a wide color spectrum. Each Lichtbeton panel has its own LED sheet, which can be controlled by a “KNX” interface. Different lighting scenarios can be set and timed - from static colors to changing color sequences to moving colors.


Because of the controlled temperature of the wine cellar, it was necessary to insulate the room against the living space. A thick, pressure-resistant thermal insulation was applied to the walls. The substructure of the Lichtbeton should create as little heat bridges as possible so that a special suspension method of the Lichtbeton panels was necessary. For this purpose, the horizontal support rails were screwed onto a flat stripe of metal, which is placed on a concrete base and anchored in only four places - on the ceiling as well as in three places to the rear wall. The Lichtbeton panels were fixed using an invisible mounting system. Each Lichtbeton plate has been provided with four undercut holes and came pre-installed as a sandwich with the LED sheet and fixing system. This sandwich was just hanged into the horizontal rail system and adjusted by adjusting screws on site finally.

Design: Forum a.i. S.a.    

Architect Christiane Besch, Luxembourg    

Detail planning, cutting, assembly, electrical installation: LUCEM GmbH


Year: 2016

Material: LUCEM LINE weiß

Format: 120 x 60 x 2 cm



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52068 Aachen




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