Free standing illuminated wall, Hamburg

A real highlight in interior design is Lichtbeton, which is processed like natural stone as panels and can be used for wall cladding, facades, floors or furniture. Integrated light-transmitting optical fibers lead the light through the material. This results in the translucent properties and the Lichtbeton begins to glow fascinatingly from the inside out. At the same time, colored light can also be applied.


A partition wall in the entrance area of an industrial company in the dimensions of 4.8 m x 2.4 m x 0.3 m

Design: Redante Haun Architekten, Hamburg.    

Detail planning, cutting, assembly, electrical installation: LUCEM GmbH

Client: DURAG Group, Hamburg

Installation: 2018

Material: LUCEM LINE Anthracite, polished surface

Format: 120 x 60 x 2 cm
Fixing method: undercut anchors



Philipsstraße 8

52068 Aachen




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