Aldiyar, Saudi Arabien

Company signs and columns with logos are not only elements of architecture and building infrastructure, but also a sort of business cards of buildings and companies. Highly elegant and interesting solutions can be realized with LUCEM  panels, both for indoor as well as for outdoor use. An exemplary project of LUCEM GmbH are light transmitting concrete and individualized cubes for a technology park in the Saudi city of Jeddah.


The translucent concrete transports the light from the back side to the surface using the embedded optical fibers. Thus, the surface begins to fascinatingly shine from within. When the backlighting is switched off, the concrete surface has a calm, natural stone-like appearance; when the backlighting is on, it shines in exciting, surprising materiality. Special lighting effects can be achieved by colored backlighting. Logos, inscriptions, patterns and a wide range of light colors can be realized with different techniques.


In the Saudi city of Jeddah, 160 cm high cubes were produced for a technology park. The cubes are made of four LUCEM panels with a format of 160 x 60 cm and a thickness of 2 cm each. The panels have been installed with the new surface version „brushed satin finish“. The company logo and the inscription were applied with the technology of sandblasting, applied 2 mm deep into the LUCEM concrete slabs and then filled with a gloss paint.


All plates were cut to 45 degrees mitred and durable bonded with epoxy resin.

At the core, a stainless steel construction developed by LUCEM was used as a carrier for LED lighting technology and as a transport frame. In total, each cube, including a stainless steel core and full LED assembly, weighs 300 kg.

Client: Aldiyar


Year: 2017

Material: LUCEM LINE anthracite

Format: 160 x 60 cm

Thickness: 20 mm


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52068 Aachen




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