Dental Office, Grevenbroich

At children‘s eye-level, a brightly illuminated reception was designed, consisting of segments on the one hand, appearing monolithic altogether on the other hand.


Being simply screwed frontally on the carcass, the reception is ablaze with light as a result of LED panels being mounted behind LUCEM panels. 

Client: Dental office Dr. Stammen, Dr. Stammen, Dr. Koch, Grevenbroich/Germany

Architect: Sylvia Leydecker, 100% interior, Cologne


Year: 2011

Material: LUCEM LINE

Format: 120 cm x 60 cm

Thickness: 15 mm

Mounting system: Visible screws

Lighting: LUCEM LED-panels

Installation: LUCEM


Philipsstraße 8

52068 Aachen




Phone:  +49 241 4468353 0

Fax: +49 241 4468353 9