Invisible fixing

Undercut anchors and rail system

LUCEM Light Transmitting concrete can be installed with special anchors in an invisible way.


Each panel needs minimum 4 undercut anchors to be fixed on a rail system then.


LUCEM offers the drilling of these special holes (undercut holes) in combination with special anchors (KEIL undercut anchors).


Typically a metal subframe with a horizontal rail system is combined for this fixing method.


The subframe design is similar to those which are used for natural stone facades.


Undercut technology

KEIL undercut anchors in combination with screws allow a fixing for highest requirements.


This anchor technology can be perfectly used for the LUCEM panels.

BWM ATK 103 Agraffen Befestigungen
BWM ATK 103 Agraffen Befestigungen

Ventilated cladding systems

Today ventilated rainscreens are amongst the most successful facade systems. Current facade market studies show that architects mainly appreciate the design possibilities of ventilated rainscreens in addition to the functional safety.

The ventilated rainscreen system permits use of a variety of cladding materials, such as LUCEM Light Transmitting concrete.


The facade design thus can be matched individually to the character of a building. Material combinations, too, can be easily implemented, by using different cladding materials.



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