Lobby, City of London

In the heart of Central London is Queen Street. At the entrance of a newly built office building LUCEM translucent concrete was installed as a highlight. For the rst time the combination of a wall cladding and a flooring was realized with translucent concrete. 

Client: London & Oriental; c/o Lai Sun Development Co. Ltd

Architect: Rolfe Judd

Installation: James Johnson & Co. Ltd


Year: 2013

Material: LUCEM LINE

Format: 120 cm x 60 cm (Wall), 60 cm x 60 cm (floor)

Thickness: 15 mm (Wall), 30 mm (floor)

Surface: 40 sqm

Fixture: KEIL undercut anchors

Light: LED light panel


2015.08. BM

2014.08. Licht

2014.03. architektur aktuell

2014.03. opusC

2014.01. greenbuild

2014.01. bba

2014.01. Architektur