LUCEM  services

The installation of  LUCEM panels can be done similar to the dry fixing of natural stone. A space behind the LUCEM panels is mostly required for the light sources.


Regarding safety and/or local building regulations, the DIN 18516 1-5 is the basis for most applications.


The choice of a suitable installation method depends from the project requirements. Feel free to contact us in case of questions.

Invisible fixing

LUCEM can provide all types of mechanical fixing.

Visible fixing

In some cases visible screws might be a design element itself.

Partition wall system

Separation walls made with LUCEM panels can be made with a metal frame for example.

Silicone fixing

For furniture applications, sometimes a fixing with natural stone silicone is applicable.

Floor system

LUCEM floors can be made as a raised floor system or directly placed on LUCEM LED-panels.

LUCEM Light sources

LUCEM provides tailored light solutions as well as pre-designed versions with ENEC certificate.


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