LUCEM Light Sources

Most installation with LUCEM Light Transmitting Concrete require artificial light sources. In general every kind of light source can be used. But due to efficiency and/or space restrictions, mostly LED-based light sources are applied.


LUCEM offers a variety of solutions for light sources: tailored LUCEM-LED panels, LUCEM-LED boards, LUCEM-LED modules or LUCEM-LED stripes.


In case of color changing LED technology the required equipment such as controllers, power repeaters and converters can be provided.


Especially if full area lighting without any shadows is required, the LUCEM-LED panels are a good choice.


LUCEM-LED panels are made based on acrylic sheets with 2- or 4-sided LED stripes.


The thickness of this type of light source is 16 mm. The measurements can be made tailored in the size of the corresponding LUCEM Light Transmitting Concrete panels.



The use of LUCEM LED-Boards allows a very energy effizient and powerful backlighting of LUCEM light transmitting concrete.


If fully embedded in PUR-resin this technology allows an outside or under water use where IP rating 67 or 68 is required.


LUCEM offers these LED boards in a standard format of 120 x 40 cm which can be cut in certain steps.

LUCEM LED stripes

In case of local finalization of backlighting solution, sometimes the use of LED stripes is the best solution. Elastic LED stripes on 5 m or 25 m rolls can be easily processed on site.


LUCEM offers a variety of stripes in different light colors and RGB technology. Additional equipment such as plugs, cables converters, controllers etc. can be provided as well.

LUCEM LED tube lamps

In special cases, also tube lamps are a suitable solution.


Especially due to the easy installation methods, tube lamps can be integrated in many building projects easily.


LUCEM provides LED-based tube lamps in IP65 (wet rooms) and IP 57 (dry rooms) in different sizes.