LUCEM light transmitting concrete - fascinating lighting

A real highlight in interior design is light concrete, which is processed like natural stone in the form of slabs and can be used for wall cladding, facades, floors or furniture. Embedded light-transmitting fibers transport the light from the backlight to the surface without loss. This results in a translucency and the light transmitting concrete begins to glow fascinatingly from inside.

LUCEM light transmitting concrete for impressive lighting applications

Unique features and attractive design distinguish LUCEM light transmitting concrete. So it is very robust and completely weather-insensitive, like normal natural stone. This is why it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for walls and floors, for furniture and accessories, and at the same time ensures special light effects. Fascinating luminous, translucent but nevertheless being a massive wall, translucent partition wall elements, decorative wall cladding, which at the same time provide for atmospheric mood light - LUCEM light transmitting concrete can be used for a wide range of applications:

Whether illuminating stairs, radiant worktops, effective showcases and shelves, exclusive washboard panels or extraordinary light, shade and color scenarios for the design of facades, terraces or driveways.

With a lighting technology based on LEDs, LUCEM light can be illuminated in white or colored light with over 16 million colors. Light scenarios as gradients or alternatively colorful can also be adjusted - even matching the music.

LUCEM translucent concrete

LUCEM Line anthracite
LUCEM Line anthracite

LUCEM Interior

Lichtbeton Weinlager
Wine storage, Luxembourg


Tresen Lichtbeton
Deka Immobilien, Frankfurt

LUCEM samples

LUCEM Samples
LUCEM Samples